BMC is an elegant artificial marble made of BMC which is Eco-friendly materials and is a compression molding material molded under high temperature and pressure.

BMC is made by mixing a blend of resin(Unsaturated Polyester Resin), filler and fiber to an even consistency

We provide to perfect quality products and strict quality control with raw material production, secondary processing, on-site to construction

BMC is the perfect material for long kitchen sink counters.


Excellent strength and heat resistance.

Non-porous material provides excellent durability and strong corrosion resistance.

Anti-corrosion,anti-rack,flam resistant,low water absorption Very strong shock resistance.

Presents natural appearance and high class feeling

Lowest Price & Best Quality due to massive production


Strong and Long life.
no crack, no discoloration

Hygienic and easy to clean
BMC has a hygienic, anti-bacterial., moisture-proof
Stubborn stains can be easily removed with detergent, thinner and other cleansers “L” Type is no joint. Designed one single mould.

Easily maintaining and repairable
BMC is solid, so marks and scratches can be removed with sandpaper.
What is more, cracks can easily be repaired using a special repair material

Heat Resistant
BMC stands up to heat..
Anti-corrosion, anti-crack, low water absorption


“L” Shape
Width : 600mm
Length : 3,000mm(Right Side) x 3,000(Left Side)
Thickness : 6mm~12mm (Min6mm, Max12mm)

“ㅡ” Shape
Width : 600mm
Length : 3,000mm
Thickness : 6mm~12mm (Min6mm, Max12mm)


More than 100 colors for the customer to choose and we can match color against customer sample.

BMC holds its shape
BMC cultured marble, molded and cured under high temperature and pressure, is a material with outstanding dimensional stability.

부엌씽크대 그릇

BMC kitchen sink is an improvement the noise and pollution and through a variety of colors reminds of the kitchen design will change dramatically. The hole can be any site.

1. Specification.

Type "Rectangular"
Width : 500mm
Length : 850mm
Depth : 225mm
Thickness : 7mm

BMC Board
1. Specification.
2. APPLICATIONS: Table, Wall Panel

Type "ㅡ"
Width : 830mm
Length : 3,000mm
Thickness : 6mm~12mm (Min6mm, Max12mm) 

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