제목 GRP Manhole Cover For House Telecominication.
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SMC Co.,Ltd composite manhole cover is made of SMC

(Sheet Molding Compound).

SMC is a fibre-reinforced material, which consists primarily of

a thermosetting resin glass fibres and filler.

SMC is a high tech material that is used in the manufacturing process

in most of our products ranges.

The advantage of SMC include, high impact compressive, flexural and

tensile strength along with temperature stability.



Distribution Box For Electric Power Pipeline

Distribution Box For Telecommunication Pipeline

Traffic Light

Fire hydrant Box underground

Water meters Box

One Piece Water Storage Tank



Safety Feature

Prevent electric shock accident

Slip Resistant Surface

Secure, Lockable(Pentagon Bolt) & Watertight Cover

Anti-theft : Non-recycle value for anti-theft.

SMC Cover Material / No Inherant Scrap

Safety Load : Over 230.000kgf


Economical Feature

Competitive price : lower than standard cast iron one.

Convenient transportation and installation reduce work intensity.

Quick & Easy Assembly, Easy to Hole Drilling

Stockable for Storage & Distribution

Easy handling. No heavy, Lifting Equipment not required .

One piece single shell construction



Eco Friendly Feature

Environmental protection : non-toxicity raw material.

uV Coating, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-abrasion,

Lightweight, tough, Durable Watertight.

Soil Environment Protection

Nice appearance : Rich colors and customer desire text

or company log are available.

Simplistic Design / Rich colors

Elegant appearance and colorful surface, Rich colors

Low noise.





주요생산품목 (SMC/GFRP재질 강화플라스틱)

SMC 물탱크(조립식) , 내진 SMC물탱크.

한전맨홀(지중용 저압접속함체/인입용&간선용)

통신맨홀 . 소화전맨홀 . 신호등맨홀 , 전기맨홀

본사 : 경기도 김포시 대곶면 율마로194번길6

031-997 8704 Fax. 031-997 8705


031-989 8710 Fax. 031-989 8705

H. www.smctank.co.kr E. info@smctank.co.kr



Main Product :

- GRP TANK (SMC TANK) . GRP Sectional Panel Water Tank .

- GRP Manhole and Cover

H.Q: 194-6, Yulma-Ro, Daegot-Myun, Gimpo-City, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea

- Water Tank Dep't : T. +82 31 997 8704 F. +82 31 997 8705

- Manhole Dep't : T. +82 31 989 8705 F. +82 31 989 8705

Http : www.grptank.com (Eng) E-mail : info@grptank.com

Http : www.smctank.co.kr (Kor) E-mail : info@smctank.co.kr




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