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GRP Manhole and Cover Size : 600mm(W)x840mm(L)x40mm(H)

Weight : 31kg

Colour : Brown . Grey with Black Chip

Safety Load : 25Ton (25,000kgf)

Utilize for Electrical distribution.

Utilize for Telecommunication Manhole.

Utilize to store Fire Hydrant under the ground.


Rich Colour.

Company Logo.

Light Weight and Easy to handle.

Anti Theft.

Non-Slip Cover.

Secure, Lockable & Watertight Cover(Pentagon Bolt)

Non corrosive chamber(SMC Material)

Quick & Easy Assembly.

Stockable for Storage & Distribution.

One man easy installation.

Easy to Hole Drilling .

Complete Watertighting with silicone or Urethane Foam.

Reduces Civil Labor Cost.



Address : #194-6, Yulma-ro, Daegot-myun, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do,Korea

+82 (31) 997 8704 Fax. +82 (31) 997 8705

GRP Manhole Dep’t

+82 (31) 989 8710 Fax. +82 (31) 989 8705

Website(Kor) H. E.

Website(Eng) H. E.

Main Products

GRP Sectional Panel Tank.

GRP Electrical Manhole and Cover

GRP Telecommunication Manhole/Cover

FRP Safety Ladder

GRP Manhole Cover

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